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With our medical expertise we can support you extensively and competently. Whether you have minor or major concerns - LIAM GmbH offers exactly what you and your team need. With modern equipment we reliably carry out our workshops and research and we definitely guarantee you expertise and a consistently qualified advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any requests. Our competent employees are happy to help you.

Interdisciplinary courses

Interventional radiology courses

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 Course Dates 


Microcatheter Embolisations



      07.11.2018  MRI of the liver with hepatocyte-specific contrast agents

Microcatheter Embolisations

04./05.12.2018   SIRT-Workshop

Zuweiserveranstaltung: „Update: Endovaskuläre

Therapiemöglichkeiten der kritischen Ischämie und vaskulärer




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